"The greatest of all pleasures is the pleasure of learning. "     - ARISTOTLE


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Readers and Leaders Program at your local library - Video Presentation (click here)

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Trained volunteer high school students, with the direction of Foundation

professionals and collaboration with libraries and schools, provide the sessions for children ages 3-6 years.  This pre-literacy program focuses upon early brain development/skills necessary for learning to read and write.

Programs include:

  • sound modulation
  • speech-sounds perception
  • eye movements
  • visual-linear formation of numbers and letters
  • tactile form recognition
  • motor development
  • multisensory integration
  • multisensory memory and reading
  • multisensory rhyming and rythm
  • multisensory sequencing
  • phonics
  • sound/symbol
  • sight/symbol
  • joy of learning!


Readers & Leaders:  High Schoolers Helping Preschoolers


Technology, such as brain scans, has allowed us to view the brain “at work”, showing how children learn.  This project brings fun, easily accessible brain-based reading readiness and early literacy interventions to preschool children through the community libraries.  Libraries offer one of the first avenues of learning for families.  Volunteer high school students, the Leaders, are trained to work with children ages 3-6 years, the Readers, in developing pre-literacy skills.


Our system of education is broken and needs to be fixed.  21 million Americans cannot read.  20% of adults read at or below the fifth grade level.  Children who have not developed base literacy skills before they start first grade are 2-3 times more likely to drop out of school.  Our children are at risk.  Brain-based studies have demonstrated that early childhood years are critical years of active and complex brain development.  This brain-based pre-literacy project can help prepare preschoolers to learn the skills necessary for learning to read and write.


This project, having a neuroscience base, serves to foster early brain development, literacy and intelligence.  It is designed as a fun, easily accessible early intervention project through libraries so that families can get an early start with the help of a community program.  High school students who work with the children can earn community service school credit, while touching the life of a child.  This project embraces the global well-being of children, and addresses learning as a major health issue.


Child brain development research has experienced an explosion due to concerns for the status of our nation’s children.  We are involved in multiple efforts promoting child health and learning and the interface between neuroscience and education.  It is time to bring research efforts from our labs to homes, schools and community.  This Readers and Leaders project mobilizes community efforts on behalf of young children and promotes the wisdom and efficacy of child intervention regarding child development and learning.


"Cherishing Each Child With Commitment Toward Brain Development and Learning"