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Wishing you peaceful rhythms as you create your own 'Personal Signature Tempo of Calm'.
A society that espouses Health and Well-Being is a society that embraces the power of the Human Spirit.
God bless and enjoy these Health Hints.
Wishing you a healthy, happy 2021.

Dr. Val Scaramella-Nowinski,
Neurophysiological Neuropsychology

12 Brain Nerves Made Simple and 12 Health Hints of Calm
The 12 Cranial Nerves are a powerhouse of nerves that emerge directly from the brain. These nerves relay information between the brain and body, primarily to-and-from head/neck areas, and help regulate vision, taste, smell, hearing and movement.

You have the power to turn these Nerves on and help to regulate your Brain-Body sensory experiences and movement from head- to-toe.

Enjoy these 12 Health Hints that turn on your ‘Personal Tempo of Calm’. They are fun and easy to do! You can teach your children too!

  • I. Olfactory Nerve
    • Take time to smell an aroma of something that you very much enjoy (ie. cup of hot chocolate, favorite food/dessert)
  • II. Optic Nerve
    • Sit back, relax and look at a colorful work of art
    • Enjoy lighter/muted hues (ie. glitter of shimmering snow, the moonlight)
  • III. Oculomotor Nerve (Pupil Size)
    • Gaze toward a bright scene (ie. Holiday lights); take a deep breath, exhale slowly as you take in the beauty
    • Now, turn away from the light and gaze toward a darker surrounding
    • You can go back and forth between bright and dark, breathing in/out slowly.
    • Feel your eyes moving slowly, relax and enjoy a sense of calm
  • IV. Trochlear Nerve (up/down gaze)
    • Gaze "up and down" at the beauty of an artwork you love
  • V. Trigeminal Nerve
    • Sit comfortably, take a slow deep breath and calm your forehead, eyelids, face, chin; relax your jaw, middle of face, cheeks, nose; wet lower lip, wet upper lip; enjoy calm sensations throughout your face
  • VI. Abducens Nerve (outward gaze)
    • Look outward toward a scene at a distance (ie. snow covered trees, sunrise, sunset, stars) and take in the beauty
  • VII. Facial Nerve
    • Sit in a comfortable position; plug your ears with your fingers
    • Breathe in/out slowly and listen to the sounds of your breathing; Hum gently and slowly, listen and feel vibrations of sounds in your body
    • Slowly open/close eyelids; think about something you enjoy eating that makes you salivate just by thinking of it
    • Feel gentle vibrations spread through your head, forehead, ears, nose, cheeks, mouth, jaw…and a smile comes over your face.
  • VIII. Vestibulocochlear Nerve
    • Listen to music-sounds that vibrate within you that bring you a sense of peace and joy
    • Dance with gentle movements, rotate your body and feel full-body sensation, a sense of equilibrium/balance from head-to-toe
  • IX. Glossopharyngeal Nerve
    • Breathe slowly in/out and swallow slowly
    • Take a bite of something you enjoy eating; savor it before swallowing; swallow slowly and enjoy the calm and delight
  • X. Vagus Nerve
    • Hum, dance, sing and sway slowly with a rhythm that vibrates gently through your body
    • Feel your heart beating with pleasure, relaxed breathing---your entire body feeling balance and calm from head-to-toe
  • XI. Accessory Nerve
    • Take a deep breath, exhale slowly while you stretch your neck and shoulders forward, back, side-to-side, even circular motion
    • Rotate your head with a sway that brings you a sense of relaxation from head-to-toe, a sense of increasing balance throughout the body
  • XII. Hypoglossal Nerve
    • Think of something that makes you salivate (ie: a Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss candy), or eat something you enjoy
    • Relax your face as you taste it with the front of your tongue
    • Feel your tongue move, rotating throughout your mouth
    • Enjoy as taste gives you sensations of pleasure, smile and enjoy

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Dr. Val Scaramella-Nowinski
Pediatric Neuropsychology
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Dr. Val Scaramella-Nowinski

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